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bcbud3 02-21-2013 08:42 PM

baseboards on plaster walls...
I have old plaster walls. How can i attach the baseboards to it? I am afraid if i try to shoot a nail through the baseboard it will break the plaster. What have you guys done?

joecaption 02-21-2013 08:48 PM

Unless your trying to use spikes a finish nails not going to hurt it unless it's in really bad shape.
See if you can located the studs by looking along the bottom plate area.
A stud finders not going to work on plaster because of the lath.

chrisn 02-22-2013 03:31 AM

a good stud finder WILL work

bcbud3 02-23-2013 10:38 AM

My wall doesn't have wood lathe it has 1/4 gypsum sheets...stud finder should work.

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