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Smudgeboss 12-30-2011 06:21 PM

Wrong adhesive?
I am installing Starloc Aspen floating vinyl flooring ( Two sides of each plank have a 1 inch over edge and two sides have a 1 inch under edge. Both these edges have a contact adhesive preapplied so that you put one over the other and the planks stick together.

We got one wrong and when pulling it apart adhesive came with it. Starloc says to use Starloc repair adhesive (almost looks like a superglue bottle) ( The preapplied adhesive is almost like contact cement but not quite as agressive.

I asked local hardware store where we bought the product and he gave me armstrong S-288 adhesive to fix it. This looks (and smells) like an adhesive that is meant to glue lino to the subfloor not for this purpose. anyone familiar with this armstrong adhesive and what it can be used for?

Thanks guys

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