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frankthetoad 03-27-2008 07:00 AM

Wood Laminate Fork-Drop Test
So my wife and I are about to buy some wood laminate to install in our kitchen, sunroom, foyer, and hallways. Before we take the plunge today, I decided to give the sample a good endurance test. I took a fork, raised it to table level, and dropped it on the sample, tines down. Each time I did this, it left a very noticeable mark.

My price point might be lower than some, but I figured the sample would hold up better than it did. My question is this- is this normal for any laminate flooring, or do I simply have a cheap product?

If this is normal, when this actually happens on our new floor, is there a way to buff/wax/sand out the marks that remain after the abuse?

Thanks in advance.

poppameth 03-27-2008 07:50 AM

You won't be able to fix laminate once it's damaged like that. I'd say you have a very cheap grade of laminate if it damages that easily. I can drag a fork across most of the samples in my store without causing any damage. Shaw makes a good commercial grade laminate at a reasonable price. It's got the highest wear rating a laminate can have. I believe it is called Commerce if you are interested.

DepotDweller 03-27-2008 08:46 AM

We had a laminate by wilson art installed a few years ago.......i forget the style name, but it was meant for high traffic, since we have teenaged boys who are merciless to the floors, furniture, everything............mines in great shape.......never did a fork tine test, but with about 4 years of REAL wear and tear with several teens playing games, wrestsling, animals running <long nails> my floors look great!

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