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yesterdayicried 03-06-2012 11:33 AM

Wood Floor Refinishing ?s
Hi All!
This is my very first post despite having been a lurker for a while. I have LOTS of questions about the wood floors I have discovered under my carpet. Our home was formerly a rental and the *nasty* grey carpets have seen much pet traffic and staining and they have plagued me since we moved in several years ago.
A few pieces of relevant info about ME and my floors:
-I am 6 months pregnant... still quite able but don't want to breathe in anything 'known to the state of CA to cause birth defects'
-I am pretty much going at this alone on the weekends and I'm fairly broke
-The floors are pine (I am pretty sure) and half of them are uncovered except a coat of varnish (?) that some one put around what I'm assuming was an area rug. The other half is under two coats of vinyl porch and floor paint (my last lame attempt at tearing out the carpet and dealing with my floors (also during my last pregnancy-- what can I say, my nesting drive is in full force)
-I am 100% THRILLED with a very rustic look, with lots of imperfections, an area rug or two will cover most of the floor. My main concern is NO splinters in little feet (I am baking my third and often have 1-3 children I care for a few days a week) as well as being a weekend project. The area is less than 300ft but our main entrance, our kitchen, up stairs, and bathroom are all centrally located off of these floors and it's not possible to have everyone leave for a few days. We're dropping the kids with a friend for the day and need to have the majority of work done in 8 hours...

So, I think that's it. If I've left anything out please let me know. My general plan as of now is to sand the floors down and just put an oil on them for now. Here are my questions:

1. The biggie: Drum or Orbital sander... considering the paint on the floor, considering I'm a novice, and considering there are quite a few places where the wood is dry and splintered and coming away (I will have help lifting and getting the sander inside, etc. so that isn't a concern). While I'd feel 'safer' using the orbital sander I have a feeling I just need to break out the big guns and try the drum. Thoughts?

2. Can I sand the floor down past the splintering sections? I'll post a photo if I can of what I mean but when I use a crappy hand sander large splinters break off and it's obvious I need some thing much more heavy duty. Will sanding remedy this?

3. Is sanding and oiling going to keep splinters away?

4. What are my oiling options? Tung oil is on the 'birth defect' list and most of the oils I've read about are as well as taking a very long time before we can walk on it. I've read people use mineral oil on unfinished wood products in the kitchen and it's cheap and has no smell... any chance I can use that on the floor until I've had this baby and can figure something else out?

5. My house was built in 1913 and our bathroom was added at a later date. The tile floor in the bathroom is slightly higher than the wood floors outside of it. There is about a foot of 'empty space' in the threshold between where the pine floor ends in the dining room and where the tile floor begins in the bathroom. What the h$ll do I do with that??

Shot of living room from dining area:

Dining area from living room:

Living room floor:

Example of peeling/splintering board:

yesterdayicried 03-07-2012 07:25 AM

I must be too long winded for this forum!

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