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rebekkah 01-11-2008 11:16 PM

Will vinyl tiles stick to this?
Hooray, my first question for the forum! :)

My kitchen linoleum was in pretty bad shape so I decided to replace it with vinyl tiles as an interim fix until the "dream" kitchen remodel. As it was badly lifted I decided to pull up the old laminate before installing the new vinyl tiles. Underneath that, I had a second layer of vinyl. Some of that came off in pieces with the first layer, so I peeled off the rest (also in pieces - it was very brittle and, if I had to guess, original to my 45-year-old house). This layer did not come off so cleanly - most of the paper backing (?!) remained stuck to the subfloor.

Now, I'm looking at this floor which has bits and pieces of paper backing stuck to it, more in some places than in others. And I'm wondering if I have to scrape/sand/nuclear bomb this stuff to get it perfectly 100% down to the subfloor, or if I can just smooth it out as best I can and lay the new vinyl tiles right on top.

This stuff is STUCK to the subfloor, so I figure if the vinyl tiles will stick to the paper then they won't be going anywhere. :/ I'm just not sure if they'll stick? Anybody have any experience with this - can I lay vinyl tiles on top of this stuff? Will it show through the tiles?

Thanks in advance!! :)

tubguy 01-12-2008 01:04 AM

Yes it will show into the new floor. The floor or surface has to be flat and smooth and vacuumed clean.


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