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Will this pass a home inspection? I don't think so.

A relative of mine is in the process of fixing up her home in order to sell it. She contracted for a professional tile installer to lay ceramic tile on her kitchen floor. But it seems that her floor was not even enough to lay the tile. So he put 3 jacks underneath her house, and laid beams on top of those jacks to even out her floor. He left them in place so her tile wouldn't come out down the road. Now fast forward to when prospective buyers will look over her house and are really interested in placing an offer. What is a pre-sale home inspector going to say when he sees that???


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Hell, a home inspector probably won't even notice the jacks. That kind of stuff is done all the time with old or substandard structures. Forget about it.


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I agree. This "house inspection" racket, is way overrated. Many of these 'inspectors' don't know all that much anyway, and per their contract can not be held liable for anything they over look or misunderstand.

This tile guy probably saved your friend many thousand of dollars in repairs. She will probably have to disclose what was done however? The repair may not be considered a permanent repair? Someone should check and possibly readjust those jacks every once in awhile?

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proofer -

If the pre-sale inspector is an out work carpenter, he might think it looks like a creative solution.

If the pre-sale inspector is experienced, he would see new jacks and new beams added that do not match in color and realize something was not right because of the patch job. This would lead him look further and who knows what this would show. He would at least report it on his summary.

That is why many seller get a pre-listing inspection to eliminate being put behind the 8-ball with a price problem at closing that could kill a deal.

It just depends whether you end up with an experienced pre-sale inspector or an amateur.

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I've seen this before...

It is common to attempt to stabilize an off grade floor for tile, but what you describe is a lazy half done effort.

If they used small hydraulic jacks ( bottle jacks)...and left them in place as the only supports........... fast forward to when one fails...

Attach the beam to floor joists. (screws & hurricane clips..shim as needed).. build a proper pier... shim to snug fit under beam...don't forget the termite shield..

Installing with screws will minimize vibration and risk of damage to grout or tile.

as is: this condition could be a deal breaker or slow the deal down until repair is made.
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In defence of the "home inspection racket" these people provide a valuable service at a reasonable rate for people that know nothing about home building. They are not experts but they can see past the paint on the walls not matching. Think what the cost would be to hire an electrician, plumber, roofer, framer, window, landscape and HVAC people to come inspect the home. That is why the inspectors tell you to seek professonal advice if he/she is not sure. There are bad ones out there but also there are bad in the skills I named.


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