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spaceman spif 08-29-2010 11:43 PM

What type of wood flooring in basement to use
I'm looking at replacing the old carpet in the bedroom in my basement with wood flooring. I've been in this house for two years and have seen no signs of moisture problems with the concrete underneath (although I will still apply a layer of moisture barrier to it after I pull up the carpet).

Engineered wood seems to be the better choice but I'm on a tight budget which might force me to use laminate. Any thoughts or experiences between the two?

And speaking of budget, any good/bad experiences or recommendations with online wood floor sites? (I'll be installing the floor myself)

spaceman spif 08-30-2010 11:55 AM

29 views so actual replies. Guess I need to juice it up a bit...

Whatever your favorite NFL team is - they SUCK!

NOW how about a reply???

DUDE! 08-30-2010 02:55 PM

I resent that remark, I like my team,,,,,,,,,,, anyway, hang on,, someone is likely to reply, yes, I'm replying but I'm not the one with the answer. My two cents, I always assume basements are damp, and I'm not purchasing a floor over the internet, just me. Any way, you finally get a reply and a :), someone will answer your question.

epson 08-30-2010 03:11 PM

Well laminate flooring is the simpler of the two to install for a do it yourselfer. It doesn’t require any glue or nails, just snap and go...

CyFree 09-02-2010 12:54 PM

Wood floor on basements
You should never, ever, use anything made out of wood in a basement floor, period. Or any type of floor or subfloor that has wood or any type of organic material in it.

So be very careful with the types of laminates you choose... wooden laminates are a no-no, unless you want to redo your floors in the future.

Anything that is organic or, like the carpet you are ripping out, has the potential to absorb moisture, is a bad idea for a basement exactly because of what you just saw happening.

Even when the basement looks dry, there is always some level of moisture from the ground seeping in through the concrete. The wetter the ground outside, the more water will infiltrate the slab.

When that moisture is absorbed by wood or organic matter, it will create conditions for mold to develop and it happens pretty fast: 48 hours according to the EPA.

A waterproofing coat as you said will plan to apply when you rip out the carpet will not hold for long. These coatings only trap the moisture underneath. As the pressure builds up, they tend to peel off. I can show you several pictures of basements with layers and layers of flaky waterproofing paint. But just look at the warranty in the product information.

You will eventually need to reapply, and how are you going to do that once your flooring is all laid out?

It is also not a good idea to lay a plastic poly sheet over the slab, as I know some contractors will suggest. Just like the coating, the water gets trapped underneath and there is no saying what happens under such conditions.

The US Department of Energy recommends that slabs and basement walls be allowed to evaporate to the interior of the basement.

If you really want the hardwood look and feel in your basement, without risking mold and having to redo the whole floor if your sump pump fails, your water heater or your plumbing leaks, look into faux wood laminates or faux wood parquet tiles, specifically engineered for basements.

They are 100% inorganic and waterproof and they are raised from the slab to allow air to circulate underneath and dry the moisture.

They are floating and interlocking floors, you can remove individual pieces to inspect the slab without disturbing the remaining ones. They can survive a basement flood. Here's some info on basement flooring:

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