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justdon 01-11-2006 11:33 AM

What staple gun or nail gun for subfloor
Long ago I posted about my floor project. Have more time to finish now! Have 1/2 "plywood underlayment to (staple?) to 1/2" plywood subfloor. I thought I could borrow my bil's stapler again for this for 1/4" crown point staples. He said no because it wouldnt work(???)So now I am looking at buying my own stapler for this and other projects. I own NO other air tools or nailers and would really like a framing nailer too. This is underlayment under vinyl flooring that will not be glued down(premium stuff that is real thick). Could I just nail underlayment to subfloor, 'only' nailing on joists or do I have to nail or staple all over? Say 4 or 6 inch squares?
And is there some advise as to brands or models of nailers I do and dont want to buy??? Is it possible to have to buy just one gun to do both? Renting isnt an option here because of multiple phases and locations of this project. Plus the time it is going to take me to complete. Move junk here, then there stuff. Right now all such items are stuffed into bathroom which needs to be done when other floor gets finished. Screwing the floor down isnt workable either for health reasons.

Zero Punch 01-12-2006 12:03 AM

We used 1/4crown staples on 3/8 over 3/4 but I've never stapled 1/2 in down though I have demoed some on a ceramic replacement that was, they didn't seem to hold that well but they skimped on the staples if I recall. I generally nail 1/2 in but the only time I use it much is over old strip wood floors that are rough. Years ago when hardwood was the normal finish floor, builders used 1/2 subfloor and would use 19/32 in kitchens and other soft tile areas. near the end of that time before they switched to 3/4 and carpet the better builders would nail and screw. The screws were only on the long seam running perpendicular to the joists and between them. That being said, for what your doing I'd screw the whole thing down with some 7/8 sq drive deck screws. Run your plywood parallel to what is already down make sure your seams do not fall on those already there be 6-8ins offset screws 4' on seams 6-8' in the field.

Bryman 03-31-2011 01:56 PM

Glue it and screw it
You do not staple sub floor you need to use screws and apply glue anywhere it contacts joist OR IT WILL SQUEAK OVER TIME. lest you plan plan to live there till you die and tear it down. do it right it's not right to pass your mistakes on to someone else.

Bud Cline 03-31-2011 02:58 PM

You are installing "underlayment" on top of your subfloor. Underlayments for vinyl flooring are usually 1/4" and it is stapled all of the time. Use 1/4" crown and 1-1/2" in lenghth.

If using 1/2" underlayment a 1/4" crown will still work IF you have a gun that will drive a staple a minimum of 1-3/4" long.:)

rusty baker 03-31-2011 03:16 PM

And do NOT put glue between the underlayment and subfloor.

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