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ksamin 04-14-2012 04:42 AM

what should i do after removal of linolium?
i just remove linolium sheets today. there was blacfk rubber layer (bond?) between linolium and concrete floor.

i'm going to put pocilin tile with thinset. but i worry about
the thinset. i already remove all black rubber thing with scraper, but the surface is still shiny and feels like plastic coated.

I bought "versabond thinset". do you think it'll work?
if not, what should i do? sanding out all the rubber thing until i can see the clean concrete surface or put something else on top of it?

please help me out

oh'mike 04-14-2012 05:08 AM

You need to get that surface as clean as you can---without using chemicals---any chemicals will soak into the concrete and cause the thinset to fail.

The glue you are describing sounds like 'cut back'---tiling over that requires a stronger thinset than Versabond---

I use a powdered unmodified thinset mixed with liquid latex---Kerabond and Keralastic by Mepei is a good example---Some modified thinsets can be used over cutback--but Versabond is not one of them---

Go to the tiling section here--look for a 'sticky' called 'Mud what is it?' by Bud Cline---good information.--Mike---

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