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braves22 12-27-2011 11:27 AM

What to do with molding
Ok so here's the deal...we are getting ready to put in some laminate in the living room and hallway...we don't want to remove the baseboards because they are running throughout the house and cutting them in pieces and removal seems a bit excessive. So what I would like to do is to just use quarter round in the areas that I will be replacing the carpet with the laminate.

My concern is the flooring is not going to match the wood baseboards, so what would you guys recommend I use for quarter round?

Anyone have any experience doing this before? Last thing I want is to have to remove a gazillion baseboards along w cutting them...

Also, we have a staircase bannister that runs up against the carpet....I know I need a stair nose for the front of the stairs at the top but what do I need for the sides where the laminate meets this...?


oh'mike 12-27-2011 08:42 PM

What are the baseboards now? can you paint or stain a shoe molding to match the existing base?

That looks better to my eyes than having the shoe molding match the flooring---

braves22 12-27-2011 09:00 PM

Baseboards now are what i would call a medium golden oak color and the flooring and quarter molding would be a caramel Koa...and no since they are finished they can not be painted or stained...

I am just curious if I am really going to dislike the quarter molding and the way it pulls the room together if the flooring and molding is same but baseboards look off...

I would prefer not to pull them though and honestly I wish I could paint them but given I'm only doing the living room and not the adjoining dining room that would look dumb too

oh'mike 12-27-2011 09:04 PM

Stain some unfinished oak to match the existing base boards---That usually looks the best--
Looks odd to have mismatched base and shoe---

joecaption 12-27-2011 09:09 PM

When installing laminite the baseboards stay in place. If you did remove them there would be nothing to tap them againt when installing. There does have to be spacers againt the baseboards. It should say right on the box of flooring what the space is. The space is for expantion and contraction.
They sell matching 1/4 round in the floor dept. Can't find it then just buy same wood 1/4 round and stain and seal it yourself.

braves22 12-28-2011 08:35 AM

My next question is:

I have carpet that I would like to keep on the stairwell so can I use a box blade to cut it along the edge of the top of the stairwell and then use a stair nose to transition to the laminate flooring?

Where exactly should I make my scoring cut for anyone who has done this?

Given the carpet and home overall only being 5-6 years old, are there any other foreseeable issues I may encounter in pulling the carpet? I will be doing this part in about 2 weeks and laying the laminate on the 14th once it's here, acclimated, and I have moved all the furniture out of the room.

Thx for all the help guys

braves22 01-03-2012 11:16 AM


joecaption 01-03-2012 11:22 AM

I would leave the carpet in place and use transition stip to border it.
Laminite needs to float so there's going to have to be a gap there anyway and this would cover it.

braves22 01-03-2012 04:14 PM

Well I have to remove some of the carpet as both the stairs and all of the bedrooms are carpet the same as the living and hallway I am replacing w laminate...that said I gathered a thought from the bath that is vinyl and cut right at where the door shuts...

Also, I keep getting conflicting reports...I don't need to remove the baseboards do I? I bought 1/4 round so that I wouldn't have to do that, I'd just lay the laminate and use the spacers and the QR and nail it to the baseboards and be done

joecaption 01-03-2012 04:18 PM

No need to remove the base boards. I hope that was a typo when you sayed use spacers and 1/4. The 1/4 rd does not go done intill the floor has been layed.

braves22 01-03-2012 04:26 PM


Originally Posted by joecaption
No need to remove the base boards. I hope that was a typo when you sayed use spacers and 1/4. The 1/4 rd does not go done intill the floor has been layed.

I dunno about it being a typo...maybe I just didn't explain...

Yeah the QR I wouldnt put in until the end....

Good...just making sure I have everything right....btw, any place I can get good 1/4 spacers at? The install kit I got from HD apparently isn't worth a crap...I could wait and see but I'd like to be prepared so I don't have to run out during the job ya know....

I see Menards has FlorCraft and HD has SimpleSolutions spacers...are either worth a darn?

Install is set for the 14th and the flooring comes in on Thu...I'm pretty excited and wouldn't be as confident w/o all the help here so thx again!

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