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catnapper75 05-02-2007 05:38 PM

Wax drizzled on new ceramic tiles
We just bought ceramic tile for our kitchen from HD and each and every tile has wax drizzled across them in 2 areas. I imagine this was so that they don't scratch each other in the box. Does anyone know of an easy or easiest way to clean this off. We used razor blade but it is still hard to clean the remaining wax off.

zel 05-02-2007 06:09 PM

I had something similar on the marble tiles I installed. It seemed to just flake off real easily, maybe because the marble is polished and it didnt stick to it well. You could try wax/grease remover. It available at auto parts store, auto body supply stores, and maybe home improvement stores.

JazMan 05-21-2007 10:23 AM


What does your answer have to do with the question? :whistling2:


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