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irishghandi 03-08-2006 06:44 AM

Vinyl tile over luan?
Hi! I pulled up the sheet vinyl in my kitchen and rather than cleaning up all the glue w/ paper attached, I scraped the loose stuff and laid Luan over it, making sure to leave a very slight gap in seams for expansion. Also made sure luan seams were different from 1/4 plywood subfloor seams. So what I have now is luan screwed in tight at the seams and screwed every 4 inches thru out each piece, on top of some sheet vinyl paper backing and adhesive, on top of 1/4" plywood. I lightly sanded the luan seams and am getting ready to apply floor leveler over all screw heads and seams. After all this work, I read the manufacturers recommendations and they say do not install the tile over luan. The product is Congoleum Duraceramic, which is a vinyl tile. I really don't want to pull the luan up if it will work fine and hold up, but don't want to lay a floor that will be coming apart next year. What should I do? Also, if going w/ luan is ok, should I seal it w/ something since it is a kitchen? Would sealing it create problems w/ tile adhesion? Thanks for any and all advice!!!

Floorwizard 03-08-2006 02:46 PM

Luan is not an approved substrate for alot of manufacturers. (kind of)

some problems are not warrantied.

Home Depot sells tons of the stuff.
keeps me real busy with replacements :)

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