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twostuds 06-12-2012 10:19 PM

Vinyl tile over hardwood removal
Trying to figure out what we should do here. Just started work on our rehab house and someone put two layers of vinyl tiles over the hardwood the whole house! :furious:

I really wanted to get the tiles removed in the living room and dining room and get the floors sanded and resealed before we moved in. The tiles are coming up much harder than I thought they would. Plus the adhesive left behind after removing the tiles is like tree sap, super sticky.

I really wanted to save the original hardwood flooring but I'm not sure if this is an option anymore. It's going to take two weeks just to get the tiles off the hardwood and who knows how long to get the adhesive off. I'm wondering if we'd just be further ahead removing the whole floor down to the sub-floor and start over. The hardwood flooring underneath looks beautiful from what I can tell and I just hate the thought of tearing it all out.

I assume the adhesive is going to eat up the pads on a floor sander within seconds so how should I go about removing most of the glue? How do I tell what kind of glue it even is?

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