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king45 03-17-2006 04:20 PM

vinyl Floor Removal
"Hello you floor experts out there",

I am removing two layers of vinyl flooring in my bathroom. Both floors are self adhesive vinyl tiles and i am having a devil of a time removing them.
I heard that if i put heat to the tiles they would be easier to remove. Is this true?

If not, then what can i do to make this process easier? :cool: :cool: :cool:

tgeb 03-17-2006 06:15 PM

Heat will help.:) Try a hair dryer, see if it works. Then I would use a heat gun if available to you.

Better yet if this is put down over luan or 1/4 inch ply, get under that and it could come up in sheets. :)


king45 03-20-2006 01:48 AM

Heat will help. Try a hair dryer, see if it works.
Thanks Tom,

I appreciate that advice. I used a blow torch and it worked out great. :D

tgeb 03-20-2006 09:42 PM

Blow torch is heat. Glad it worked out.:cool:


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