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cgcaudle 08-31-2008 03:56 PM

Very bumpy concrete floor that is not level
I have read through all the posts asking for advise on leveling floors/building subfloors/laying tile/etc on uneven floors. I really can't find anything that helps me with my specific problem.
I have a detached garage/workshop that I want to make a family room out of. The room is approx 15' x 25' and has a horrible concrete slab underneath it (25' length goes east and west). The floor slopes from the northeast corner to the southwest corner with approx a 5" drop. I realize this was probably done for drainage for this workshop, but I would like to carpet/tile/whatever the floors to make the room family friendly and warm in the winter. The concrete is also horribly bumpy (high and low spots - to create an uneven slope to the southwest). I live in a very dry area in Colorado and really do not need to worry too much about moisture. Most garages in my area are setup without a concrete foundation.
1-Pour a ton of self leveling concrete (in sections)to raise up the soutwest corner of the garage floor, even with the northeast corner of the floor.
2-Calculate the amount of cement needed and buy (appx 1+ yards) concrete and attempt to level all at once.
3-Build a wooden subfloor on top of the sloped/warped concrete to attempt to level the surface.
4-Separate the room and make two levels (est and west half), due to the huge slope/drop in concrete. Using self leveling concrete to make minimal adjustments...
5-Demo garage and build a new one over a new concrete slab (not cost effective)
6-Any other suggestion????

My main goal is to spend as little as I can so I can make a room that we can hang out in for movies, games, etc.
Your ideas could save me hundred or even thousands of dollars!!!!!


Bud Cline 08-31-2008 04:04 PM


OK OK OK, you could use regular low cost cement to raise and fill the low side to a point that it could be capped with a minimum of Self Levelling Compound.

Once the repairs are in range, SLC could be flooded over the entire area to creat a nice new seamless flat floor surface you could do anything you want to with.:)

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