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rangiwai2 11-01-2013 04:41 PM

VCT flooring in a lab question
We have a lab at work that has a pothole where 4 corners of ESD tile meet. I'm about to have the whole floor stripped and ESD waxed. The manager of the lab wants me to repair the hole before doing that. Issues.

1) I don't have the ESD tile, all I have is VCT tile which isn't the same color and isn't ESD.

2) I'm not going to delay the floor cleaning over something like this it took awhile to get the ok to spend the money on the floor.

3) To my knowledge you can't buy just 4 tiles so I'd have to buy considerably more than I need to replace all 4 tiles.

My thought was cut out a 3" x 4" section where the hole is(covering 4 tiles) and then cut a same size chunk from one of the VCT tiles I have, and put that in with adhesive. Yes it won't be the same color and won't be ESD, but significantly cheaper than buying ESD tiles etc. The other rationale for doing that is despite having ESD mats and wrist straps, they do not use them so the lab isn't really ESD anyways that's a facade the manager likes to keep he knows perfectly well his people aren't actually ESD.

I know the right thing to do is replace the tiles completely with ESD tiles but we're only in this building another 15 months and we try and not spend money we don't have to.

My other thought was some sort of epoxy to fill the hole, it too won't be the same color and won't be ESD but again that isn't a huge concern.

Understanding the right way to do it is more than we want to spend, what makes more sense, cutting a "patch" of VCT and putting that in, or epoxy? If I use epoxy, any recommendations for a particular brand?

thank you

joecaption 11-01-2013 09:33 PM

Can you please post a picture of the area your talking about?
Have you even tried contacting some company's about getting the few tiles you need?

rangiwai2 11-02-2013 11:22 AM

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Joe thanks for the reply I am attaching a pic. The floor is so old I don't even know how to determine who made the tiles and what color, it's a very busy lab so it almost never gets cleaned. I've been here 3 years, this will be the 2nd time the floor has been cleaned. So even if I had new tiles they would not be the same color, which is fine.

I spoke to a contractor over 2 years ago when they were cleaning the floor(they do both janitorial and work like this), they immediately said best bet is finding the original color but tiles generally come in boxes of I think they said 20 not sure.

I'm afraid if I cut a patch and try that it's just going to get broken and then the hole will be even bigger, that's why I'm inclined to try epoxy first.

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