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butterflyktgj 08-28-2011 06:27 PM

*PLEASE HELP* me with mold problem
I live in the southern part of Alabama. My home is on pilings, about 8 feet in the air. I have recently enclosed two 12 x 12 rooms underneath the house. The floor of my home is constructed as follows from top to bottom: two layers of plywood then floor joists. My floor is just bare plywood cause we are remodeling. Now, in the two rooms under my house I put insulation between the joists and paneling as the ceiling. If you stood on the outside of the room you could see into the ceiling between the joists, where I had put the insulation. That was my first mistake. I know now I should have closed those ends up so air wouldn't go in. Mold grew and I had to rip the paneling and insulation out. Now mold has grown between the two pieces of plywood on my floor in the house. I have pulled up the first layer and cleaned the mold. My question is this, Should I put a vapor barrier down before I put that second layer of plywood back down? I'm not planning on putting a ceiling back up in the rooms underneath. I'm just gonna leave the joists exposed. Should I just close those ends up where you can see into the room and not worry about putting a vapor barrier on the floor? Or should I do both? Also, should a vapor barrier been installed on the rest of my flooring where there isn't rooms underneath it? If so, in which layer should the barrier be? Could I put it on the top layer, underneath whatever kind of floor I decide to install or should I put it between the two pieces of plywood? As a note, we had a mattress on the floor for a while. The floor was one that did not have a room under it. It was also bare plywood. When we moved it, the plywood was wet and moldy. We put a piece of that black paper like they use on roofs under it and the problem stopped. Thank you for any help you can give.

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