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Andy McDonald 12-26-2004 10:12 AM

using Lowes edge precision flooring
I am considering installing porcelain pre-attached backerboard quick snap edge flooring from Lowes and was wondering if anyone has read,installed or seen reviews on this product.

Floorwizard 12-27-2004 12:53 PM

It's an interesting product. the worst problem I have seen, is that the grout lines are not always perfect, as they would be if you used spacers.

zippyfear 01-03-2005 11:32 AM

My experience.
Edge Flooring. What a great idea.

you might want to check what others had to say about this stuff, but this is my experience with it.. you can find other comments here -

John Bridge Tiling Forum - Edge Flooring

What a great idea this stuff is.. unfortunately, that's where the positive comments end.

I was at Lowes picking out tile for our master bathroom when my wife commented on spending a little extra on Edge flooring to help to save myself some labor. It seemed like a good idea.. I didnít really mind the tiling or grouting, but was not looking forward to laying backerboard necessary as it was going to be a second floor installation.

The room is roughly 80 sq ft.

Here is a summary of the problems I had.

The sections being 2 sq feet instead of 1 required a little more planning and thought each time one was placed. Iíve done rooms with real tile before, and itís mark, cut, and place. But with the edge flooring (maybe I was just getting tired) several times I measured and cut right, but realized when I tried to place the tile that I had cut it with the tongue and grooves on the wrong end.

Even if I chalk that up as my inexperience.. it was still frustrating Ė Each incorrect cut cost me $6.80, although in some instances I was able to reuse some of the incorrectly cut pieces.

Of concern to me is the way the tiles near the sides tend to rest higher than the main part of the floor.. because the floor sits on padding, it only makes sense that the tiles on the end are not compressing the padding as much. When stepped on those tiles noticeably depress. Not sure the result of this in the long term or not but it does not happen at all with real tile.

The saw and jigsaw blades were a waste of money.. the jigsaw blade lasted through 3 tiles before the cutting edge was nothing more than a bare strip of metal. The saw blade wasnít any better than a diamond blade that I had for cutting, so I returned the blades and used the diamond one.

The door frame strips didnít work correctly. Someone else had mentioned how they had to Ďrigí it to work. Hereís the problem with the frame strips. They are designed to go from a lower surface to a higher (the higher being the tile). I can assume that it would have worked correctly if the previous flooring was laminate even with my old carpet and I was installing ON TOP of the laminate. (thus making the new surface higher).. But it seems to me the more common situation is to remove the old stuff (I had carpet in the room previously). Once installed the carpet is nearly the same level as the tile.. What Edge should do is have a door strip for each circumstance. I would have preferred to have the edge strip snap down over the edge of the carpet to hold it in place.

Grout. Wow.. This needs to really be a message all in itself. How bad is this stuff?

30 Sq Ft per can?!?! Anyone get that? I managed to get 19 Sq Feet for the first THREE cans.. Although, hereís a tip if you are insistent on using Edge flooring.. The Lowes had 2 types of cans.. I only assume now that one is maybe a newer design? The first set of cans I had had a white tip. The ones with the white tip came out way to quick at first. Sputtered in the middle, and then nearly quit working. I returned all of those and got the ones with the green tips on them, and the grout appears to come out a little more consistent. I havenít completed the install yet so Iím not sure if this is what I will find with all the green tipped cans.

All in all with the project complete, it took me 14 cans to fill 88 Sq Ft of tile.. ($140 worth of grout) although alot of the cans I returned for a refund because only half the grout would come out. This is probably not typical because I had alot of corners and edges that needed to be filled. If the room had been 9x10 it would not have been nearly as bad.

Then there is the issue with the grout sinking into the crack. Whatís going on with that? It looks like Iíll need to cover the entire floor twice with grout.. Iíll say that grouting with real tiles is a WHOLE LOT easier.. I could grout a whole floor with real grout in fraction of the time, and Iím just a home do-it-yourselfer.

I also want to mention that the Lowes I had originally purchased the tile was $34.50 per case ($3.40 per sq ft). But when I went to another to pick up an extra case they had it at $29.50 per case ($2.90 per sq ft). The first one refunded me the difference.. but thought that was weird as the less expensive Lowes didnít have it on sale or clearance.. it was just their normal price.


lowes#1fan 03-07-2005 01:01 AM

Edge Flooring
I sale Edge flooring, and have come to this conclusion.

Edge flooring is a awsome product. It should not be attempted by those who can only install peal and stick vinyl sqares.(if you know what i mean) I have people who have no problem with this prodct then i have people who can not figure it out. This is a great item if you know what your doing. Beside its a brand new company with an idea we all wish we would have thought of.

Benhamcarpetguy 03-07-2005 07:00 AM


Originally Posted by lowes#1fan
I sale Edge flooring, and have come to this conclusion.

Edge flooring is a awsome product. It should not be attempted by those who can only install peal and stick vinyl sqares.(if you know what i mean) I have people who have no problem with this prodct then i have people who can not figure it out. This is a great item if you know what your doing. Beside its a brand new company with an idea we all wish we would have thought of.

It's a new product that the company released before it was properly tested. There are countless problems to be found on the internet with this stuff. C'mon, a floating ceramic tile? Lowe's, at least the ones I've spoken to, have quit selling this stuff installed. What's that tell ya? They don't want the problems either.

You're not the district rep are you?


Teetorbilt 03-07-2005 11:08 AM

I'm all over the web and I hear a lot of comments like zippy's and none like lowe's#1fan.

wingam00 04-20-2005 08:24 AM

From talking with the flooring guys at my Lowes, they report a lot of problems with this type flooring. A good idea but just does not work like planned. The gouting is the biggest complain. I would stay away for this flooring product.

Linda 07-18-2005 12:43 PM

We installed Edge this weekend

Originally Posted by wingam00
From talking with the flooring guys at my Lowes, they report a lot of problems with this type flooring. A good idea but just does not work like planned. The gouting is the biggest complain. I would stay away for this flooring product.

We bought the tiles last week and at that time, Lowes was pulling some of their tiles off the shelf and returning to the vendor due to the cracking, etc. However, the tiles we bought are supposedly ok.

We found the circular saw worked just fine, but the jigsaw blade left something to be desired. We stripped it the first time we cut a sharp curve. However, Lowes took the whole set back without argument and replaced it. We tiled an approx 200 sq ft kitchen, and nothing cracked while we were cutting or laying the tile.

Using the product was harder than it looked, but nothing I wouldn't put down to inexperience. The grout definitely doesn't go as far as claimed.

In any case, so far so good. I guess the test will be when we put the appliances back on the floor. If anything untoward happens, I will repost.

jproffer 07-18-2005 01:20 PM

Have you put the refridgerator or stove back in your 200 SF kitchen yet? If not, I wish you luck when you do. You may want to put down some 3/4 plywood so the tiles will only crack under the appliances(hopefully). Damn that sounds condescending, but it's not meant to be, I truly do wish you luck. I've never used Edge myself, but I did read about 50 or so pages on John Bridge on the subject and I would guess that 99.9% of the comments made were....ummm.....negative, to say the least. I saw more than once..."DON'T USE EDGE FLOOR TILE...CRACKS...CRACKS...CRACKS". In fact I think that's the name of that thread, "DON'T USE EDGE FLOOR TILE".

At any rate, good luck with yours.

:o I stopped reading your post too early, I see now that you haven't put the app. back in yet. Let us know how it goes, good or bad.

devildog83 08-02-2005 09:06 AM

Edge Floor Tile - JUNK!!!!
I installed this product in Aug 2004. I have a lot of construction experience and knew what I was doing. I chose it because of the minimal shift in floor elevation that it creates. My floor had the appropriate thickness and levelness. The tiles themselves are relatively simple to install in a perfectly square room. Most of us don't have rooms like that. Regardless, the process isn't that bad. The grout has been covered many times. It flows too fast, doesn't get near the advertised coverage and leaves a nasty stick residue that has to be scrubbed up tile by tile. Over the last year I have replace 60% of the tile from cracking. I take the broken tiles and load them in an original box and return them, always no questions asked. Lowes knows the product is crap.

If you have made the mistake of installing this floor, I'd recommend changing tiles in batches because the replacement techique requires that you cut the tounge and groove off of one side and even if you get a tight fit, that tile will still bounce up and down making it more suceptible to cracking and it damages the pseudo grout. When batch changing, you reduce the number of tiles that need the tounge and groove cut off, although the wife isn't happy when you rip out half of the floor and you will have the additional cost and headache of regrouting. But the flooring is more stable this way.

Installing this product was a monumental mistake. CRACK CRACK CRACK.

animaldoc 08-15-2005 05:44 PM

My wife and I bought the Edge Precision Tiles on clearance at Lowes at $2.43 per box and were excited to put it in our kitchen. Then I started reading all the posts online about how terrible it was and how much it cracks. I am thinking about returning the tiles before I spend a bunch of money on their underlayment and grout and then have the tiles crack. However, I had a couple questions first. Is the underlayment really necessary, or could we just put the tiles on the concrete subfloor? Also, has anyone tried using regular grout with these tiles or would it be bad because of the backerboard? As you can see, I'm trying to find a way to install this tile without spending a lot of money on their other products so if it does crack we would only waste our time installing it. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Floorwizard 08-15-2005 06:11 PM

I would be willing to bet that if you do not use their products, the chances of failing will be more likely.

Although you may discover something good :) !?!

devildog83 09-09-2005 02:55 PM

Edge gave me a full refund for my for my floor with zero hassle and admitted that the original product was severely flawed.. All I had to do was provide the receipt. They claim to have redesigned the product for greater reliability. Unfortunately I had the task of ripping it out, but at least I got my money back minus my personal labor costs. My local Lowes said that they threw all stock of the old tile in the dumpster at the direction of Edge. I could never recommend this product.

Handyman_28555 07-11-2006 02:44 PM

Edge Precision
We saw your post on Edge Precision, and we need some info. We installed 4 bathrooms and 1 kitchen for our company. We have receipts, all are cracking and need re-done. I took my reciepts to Edge Precison, they are willing to give us more tile, not to give us our money back. Can you tell us who you contacted to get your money back? We are already going to loose about 3000.00 in labor to pull up all these jobs and reinstall them, not to mention the material costs we are incurring.
We are about suicidal over this...please let us know how you were able to get some monetary compensation..
Thank You,
Rick-The HandyMan

R&D Tile 07-13-2006 05:53 PM

It's no longer available, thank god, they pulled it off the market and sold what they had left to a big box discount store, should have just tossed it in the garbage out back.:wallbash:

I would rip it all up and place it in carts and roll it up to the return desk with your reciept and demand a refund, seeing they can't replace it anyway.:thumbup:

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