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Fresh6777 12-27-2008 05:52 PM

Uneven floor in bar
I'm about to tile a bathroom in a bar. There is a slope from the front right corner of the room to the back left. The difference is about 1" and 7/16ths. Normally I would use leveler but dry time is an issue as we need to avoid shutting down the bar. I've thought about putting in a sub floor to make up the difference and get it as close to level as I can, then making a sloped transition with some mesh backed tile that match the 12 inch slate I'm using. Any other ideas would be extremely helpful.

DangerMouse 12-27-2008 06:24 PM

i thought you WANTED an uneven floor in a bar so people think they're more buzzed than they really are!
your idea sounds ok though. others here may chime in....


iMisspell 12-27-2008 10:05 PM

haha... funny when talking abuot leveling a floor what drunk people stuble around on.

No matter how you level it, will door clearance play a roll, the bottom of the door hitting ?

How big the bathroom is might help people anwser.

Ive worked with a small area (3'x6'x 1/2-3/4"deep) with self levleing and was able to walk on it (gently) with in a hour. If you can find stuff which cures fast you might be able to do the work one night just after the bar closes and it will be good to go the next day; you talking about 12 or so hours later, no ? You would just have to do it in stanges since you said something about tiling.



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