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Underlayment- Where to get started?

Hello all,

I have had may nights awake trying to figure this out. Also, I think it is important to point out that the Wife Unit "wants" new floors, hence I am here.

Anyway, the floors in the house are 1/2" ply subfloor with 3/4" particleboard underlayment.

We want to install stranded bamboo through out except the bathrooms which will be tile.

The challenge:
To just lay the bamboo on top of what is here will mess up the stove and dishwasher height. Not to mention every door and door frame in the house will have to be cut. How do I deal with this?

Secondly, in the bathrooms, I will have to remove the cabinets because the are furniture type and would look kind of funny if there wasn't tile under them. If I cut out the underlayment around the tub, shower, and toilet will those areas be weak? I can just see water getting in between the underlayment under the tub and concrete board under the tile and start rotting.

Your thoughts and suggests please.

Thank you.


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How thick is the bamboo stuff?

In order to cut the door jambs and doors, you'll need a saw.

What is wrong with raising the stove? You should have some height adjustment on a dishwasher. How much do you have? I'm sure there are other dishwashers available to solve the problem if yours won't cooperate.

What does the bamboo want to lay on? Maybe you can just rip out your 3/4 underlayment and have your way with her.

Regarding your bathroom, first of all it is a separate room. There will be a threshold which can handle the transition. You will want to find out what tilebacker you wish to use based on your floor system. If you can find a tilebacker which wants to lay on 1/2 sheathing over whatever joist spacing you have, then you can go with that.

If you can't find such a tilebacker, then you'll probably end up putting some 1/2 plywood on top of your 1/2 plywood. Either way, you'll install your tilebacker on thinset.

So how thick is your bamboo and what floor does the manufacturer want underneath it?


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Wow. I don't know the answer to your questions. I didn't even know to ask them at this point. I will have to look deeper.

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#1 are you really sure it's only a 1/2 subfloor?
If so this would never meet min subfloor thinkness in a new home now.
# Partical board is the last thing anyone now would use as a an underlaymant.
The only thing that could go over it is carpet, even then if it gets wet one time it turns to oat meal.
If it was my house I'd remove ever inch of all of it and replace with T&G Advantec subfloors with constrution adhisive on the floor joist and screwed down to the floor joist not nailed. The a layer of 1/2 A/C plywood making sure not to have the seams line up with the floor joist below. Attach every 4" on the edges and every 6 to 8" in the field.
Then you could use what every type flooring you ever wanted.
Everyone here will say it hard to do, it's not. You would need a Toe Kick saw a Ossilating saw, and a few other tool to lift up the old flooring.
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