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KUIPORNG 11-13-2006 11:58 AM

two types of laminate, which is better
At Homedept, they are selling two types of laminate strips, one is the interlocking one which need an underlayment, one is not exactly interlocking, but has wide edge plastic self adhesive materials which lay over each other, called "Floating Resilient Plank Flooring" from Traffic Master, which does not require underlayment, can be apply directly on concrete, the second one underneath is a plastic face sticky soft stuff... the first type is totally hard engineering materials... both does not require glue and float...

anyone know which is better? I personally feel the second would be better for two reason: 1. it felt a bit more rough than the first one. 2. the interlocking sliding approach to attach two strips together make it close to impossible to replace one strip in the structure should one broken for any reason, but the other type using sticky approach making replacement still be difficult but possible I believe as you don't need to slide in to fit... and the slide to fit approach to me also more problematic towards unlevel floor or floor with hump... whereas the second type is more flessible to adjust itself to fit the shape of the floor... anyone see this understanding from an inexperience any wrong...

comment is greatly appreciated as I need to make a decision on which to purchase for my basement...

got some answers after researching on the web.

looks like non-glued (inter-locking) is good as you can fix the damage one like rebuilding a puzzel, disassemble the whole floor up to the damage point and then rebuilding it, never thought of doing it like that..., so in this sense the first type is better as it is complelely non-adhesive.

Floorwizard 11-14-2006 10:22 PM

the variables that you have mentioned will not determine the quality much.

I have no clue who makes your product. It is sold only their I believe.

How dense is the core compared to ther brands.
how tight is the glueless joint?
overall thickness of the product?
how about high pressure or direct pressure construction?
thickness of the face paper, or the backing?
is the backing melamine or lam?
any craft sheets between the face and the core? how many?

these factors are the variables that really decide most of the quality.

but since you have 2 to pick from, I would pick the one you think is easier to install.

are you talking about lam flooring or wood?

KUIPORNG 11-15-2006 07:40 AM

I picked the first one already... I am not the expect to tell you all these parameters... but I feel it is great... compare to those cheap 99cents laminate... these type is much better in all aspect... and HD normally don't raise their price on a product to give 50% off... anyhow... I am happy with my purchase... it is laminate... not wood... Thanks...

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