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ITTFIM1st 07-25-2011 07:10 PM

Transforming a tile floor to wood floor, Little help?
So my last experience with wood flooring was with my dad back when I was 18, nearly ten years ago.

What I remember with what he did was, he had tongue and grove planks from Lowes and he glued them down (or he had pre-glued planks) while making sure each plank that was in the next row was placed ahead of the plank in the previous row.
Something like this:
And of course cutting the planks so they fit around corners and walls etc.

So is this the basic gist of it? lol.

Now this is what my kitchen floor looks like:
Yeah thats a hole in the floor, I don't know why its there.

Anyway, the grey stuff seems to be some sort of cement for the tile, This stuff is thick! There are wood panels underneath that. Aka: the subfloor. Am I right?
Question #1. Do I keep the grey stuff there or do I remove it along with the tile.
Question #2. What do I do about that hole?
Question #3. How do I take up a tile with out breaking it?
The laundry room has the same tile, and some tiles are broken, I would like to put some of the tiles from the kitchen in the laundry room to replace the broken ones.

I plan to take on this challenge next week.

oh'mike 07-25-2011 08:51 PM

Was that tile glued directly to the subfloor?

If so you will want a smooth and flat surface for the new wood floor.

That may mean using a self leveling compound or adding another layer of plywood over the subfloor.

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