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Alex3D 03-23-2009 01:19 PM

Trafficmaster Allure and Concete Sealer
No, this is NOT a is Allure good or not post. I'm just moving forward.

Before I began installation, I did a moisture test on the slab. Bone dry as I expected. I had a gallon of leftover ProShield HPG (rubbery membrane) sealer so I decided to roll it on for an extra layer of protection.

As I've started to get a walkable area of Allure down (about 40%), I'm noticing a slight "sticky" sound from the floor. Seems like in areas where the slab isn't perfectly flat, and they're many, there's a slight give in the floor that makes the sound. The questions are:

1. As the ProShield cures, will it's tacky feel of it lessen?

2. Is this a permanent deal between the membrane and the slick underside of the Allure?

3. If I'm stuck with the with question 2, can I paint some primer of the sealer and fix it that way?

The company that makes the stuff doesn't have a web site or phone number on the bucket. Can't find them on the web via Google either.
Any insight would be much appreciated.

yesitsconcrete 03-24-2009 06:26 AM

never heard of any of the products or names you mention,,, however, as long's there's a epa, there'll be a material safety data sheet AND product sheet somewhere.

Manufactured by Superior Adhesives and Chemicals. All that I was able to find was a P.O. Box 78/8515, Ottawa Lake, MI 49267. The Tile Shop is the distributor.

ProShield HPG - Allure - ProShield - TrafficMaster - they can't hide ! reboot your googler :laughing:

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