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bennyjets 11-16-2008 09:42 AM

Trafficmaster Allure Commercial Confetti Dark Grey Vinyl Flooring (24 Sq. Ft. Per Cas
I think I have read all the postings about Allure flooring. Most were involving installation indoors, all wll be them in bathrooms, basements etc. I would like to install it in my 21' x 32' garage that currently has an epoxy coatng which over the years has yellowed and worn in places. We use the garage for parties and large gatherings (I'm Italian=large family)
When I search the Home Depot website for garage flooring it comes up with a jigsaw puzzle type of flooring I am not interested in. The Trafficmaster product shows up in Commercial grade flooring. The description for the product is this:
Durable, waterproof, ice, heat, and road salt resistant allure Commercial can be used in most rooms, including garages,...
I'm in NE Ohio, and when not using the garage for parties we use it for, you guessed it, cars. Cars that are covered with snow and road salt, and swings in temperature from 90 degrees to minus 20. The garage is insulated and never gets below 40 degrees. (What temp do I acclimate the product to? Current conditions?)
I am also concerned about mold as I read early on one writer had a problem. There is no drain in the garage. I thought about caulking the perimeter.
So I need some direction here. Pricing will be about $2,100 and I will be doing it myself. and at $2,100, if it looks crappy my loving wife of 25 years will... no need to say any more.
To the experienced professionals: Would you do it?
To my other new DIY friends who have installed, do you think it will hold up?
Thanks for your time

rrl_36 07-02-2009 10:42 AM

how did your installation go?
I am considering the product myself and am curious to see if you went ahead with the project and can comment?

ReneeB 07-30-2009 10:01 PM

How did it work?
I am considering this option and live in Missouri with weather like yours. Did you proceed and what are your thoughts? Thank you.

xinai 08-09-2009 10:50 PM

I am considering the Trafficmaster Garage Allure Flooring ($1.99/sqft) for my unheated garage.
They are waterproof, do not need to glue them down and easy to install.
I live in Ottawa, On. where it snows several months of the year, so I get a lot of snow and salt in the garage.
However, I wonder whether they trap moisture between the concrete and the bottom of the product, and the likelyhood of mold developing under the floor.
Any idea or other concerns I should be aware of?

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