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kailuacathy 09-09-2010 12:54 PM

tiling over cutback adhesive residue
I need to tile 60 square feet of concrete that had been covered with parquet tiles. A thin layer of cutback black adhesive remains. It is not water porous. Both Ultraflex 2 and Ultraflex 3 have been recommended. I would also like to continue the tiling into an adjoining 35 square foot room with a clean concrete floor. I don't think too much build up of that floor will be necessary. Questions: will either of these products work to successfully cover the cutback adhesive? Is it possible to mix by hand or must I purchase/rent a mixer? Thank you.

JazMan 09-09-2010 02:39 PM

Hi Cathy,

Although anything is possible, parquet was not generally installed using cutback adhesive. It may be dark, but it may be the kind that actually dries hard which cutback does not.

If it is cutback, you can still install tiles on that floor with a little prep. You'll need to remove the cutback until only a film is left. In other words until you start to see the concrete. You'll need a wallpaper scraper which has a razor cutting edge and several hours of your time. Do not use any chemicals or solvents, they will soak into the concrete creating a bond break.

Either of the products you mentioned will be fine after the prep of the old floor and for the other area too.

You can mix by hand with a piece of 1x2 lumber or a margin trowel. Be sure to add the powder to the water already in the bucket. Of course a mixing paddle along with a good HD 1/2" variable speed drill motor is preferred. Mix at slow speed under 300 rpm.


kailuacathy 09-09-2010 08:03 PM

Thank you!
Hi Jaz,
I appreciate your time and information.

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