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Josh89 12-15-2006 06:46 PM

Tileing my bathtub
Hey I need some advice. I am tileing the side of my bathtub but how do i make sure that the tiles are going stright and how do i make sure there not dipping in at the top or bottom. Also if i start at the bottom how will i make sure they will line up at the top when i get there. If anyone could let me i would appericate it.

R&D Tile 12-16-2006 08:07 AM

Find the middle of the wall, draw a plumb vertical line, level works nice for this:), now take a tile and place on the line and go iut to the end walls and see what size cut you get, if a small cut, start the tile with the line in the middle of the tile, this will give you even cuts at both ends, now start with a level line on the first course of tile, do the same, keep placing one and marking it out with grout ljoint space up to the ceiling and see what you get, ajust what's needed, now use modified thinset and spacers and go slow, it should work out.

Leave out the bottom row if need be and use a batter board to support the tile where you start, then when finished, remove the board and set the bottom row.:)

Got it?:eek:

majakdragon 12-16-2006 08:08 AM

You could start by taking measurements from the floor to the top of the tub edge. This will tell you if the area is "square" and level. If not, I would start at the top edge and work downwards so the uneven cut tile is at the bottom where you would have a caulk joint to keep it from making contact with the floor (which expands and contracts and would crack the tile if contact is made). Preplanning and accurate measurements BEFORE starting the installation will be the best time you ever spend. Starting from the top may require a support board for each row of tile (as you install) to keep the tiles from sliding down before they are set in whatever adhesive you are planning to use. Good luck.

R&D Tile 12-16-2006 09:26 AM

Never start at the top, gravity remember:whistling2:, how would you support each row and still be able to continue, set a row, let it set, then move the board?, oh boy.:eek:

Yes, there are non-sag thinsets and yes, sometimes I start anywhere I like, due to the layout of some jobs, but for the DIYer, ALWAYS easier to stack em as you go, won't get into trouble.:yes:

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