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gambit 03-31-2012 06:26 PM

Tile transition to hardwood floor (1" lower)

We have an old house with original hardwood flooring.

After redoing the hallway with tile,
we have a 1" height variance.

There is an open doorway ( no door) between the living room and the hallway.

The livingroom is hardwood.

We cannot find any "stock" 1" transitions (oak or otherwise )
The best we can find is 3/4"

Is there a place (im in ontario, canada ) that would make a custom one for us?

or is there 1" ones made that we just havn't located yet?

In the doorway, we can go as wide as 4" into the doorframe without the transition coming out into the room, So a 3 to 4" distance for the 1" slope is about what we would ideally be looking for.

woodman58 03-31-2012 08:38 PM

If you can find a woodworker in your area they should be able to make one. If not you can buy a 2" aluminum flat metal from a flooring store. They will probably have to order one. They don't look very good but it will work.

Janetp 04-02-2012 03:20 PM

Only my opinion, but a metal strip will cheapen the look, and If you didn't care about that, you wouldn't be posting.
You can make one yourself with a router. By a nice piece of matching wood and router the bottom side on one end to allow for the inch, so you will have to buy a piece of wood at least 1/2 inches thick. On the top side, you will want to router both ends so they can lay more flush to the floor. Then you can take a hand sander and to clean up the top portion and possibly take off more so it has a smoother transition. One inch is a pretty big difference so good luck with this. My gap was 3/4 in an old house that I had the same dilema in, and that is what I did and it looked good. I did the router cuts first, then used my sander to take off as much as I could from the top side for the smoothest transition I could make.
If you don't think you can you this, get ahold of a carpenter handyman. He'll have these tools, and the cost is going to depend on the length and size of wood as much as his skill.
Good luck with this project!

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