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civilstew 01-04-2007 11:17 PM

tile/plywood removal
House I purchased and 1/2 laminate 1/2 ceamic tile on main floor. I am removing ceramic and after removing initial tiles notice that there is 1/4 inch plywood over origional linolium. I want to remove plywood but cannot remove morter to expose screws. Any suggestions?

Brik 01-17-2007 10:02 PM

Brute force

maybe take circular saw, set to 1/4" depth (so it just starts to cut the original
Linoleum), use a junk blade and score the plywood then pry it up. Crowbar the screws or use vice grips to turn them out one by one after you tore up the ply from around them.
Then remove the linoleum. begin anew.

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