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IvoryRing 06-27-2006 02:14 PM

Tile on concrete slab, ground level - bamboo?
My house is concrete slab, single story, heat via forced hot water baseboards. I'd like to replace all the existing carpet with wood, but am not sure on selection of type of flooring...

The first room I'd like to do is a small bedroom (abt 10x10) with what looks like vinyl tile over the concrete. My clearance from the top of the tile to the first interference on the heat baseboards is approximately 1 inch. The look that I'd like for this room is bamboo.

I assume I can't nail, as I don't have room to lay down both a 3/4 sheet of plywood and a 5/8 plank of bambo (well, not without adding plumbing to the project)...

Glue? Does this mean glue down plastic sheeting to the existing tile, glue red paper down to the plastic, then glue the planks to the paper?

Float? Just put plastic down, then red paper, then planks, with no adhesive between layers?

Floorwizard 06-27-2006 10:10 PM

Engineered bamboo floated over the proper pad warrantied by the manufacturer.
some come glueless.

oh yea, don't forget it will scratch like a wood, and keep a humidifier in the room if you can

IvoryRing 06-28-2006 08:52 AM

Yeah, I figure it will act (from a scratch/dent/etc pov) pretty much like wood - not a miracle or anything. I like the look, and the office will have an oriental theme to it.

Humidifier - have not heard that... you mean indefinitely, or while installing? This room will tend to be somewhat warmer than the rest of the house, as it will have a number of computers in it.

Currently the house has no AC at all - so humidity is subject to mother nature (and currently rather... um... humid!)

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