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bpak04 11-03-2008 09:45 AM

Tile baseboard with carpet?
I just bought a new house. The basement is partially finished. The walls and ceiling in half of the basement are done nicely with lighting and electric and hvac already taken care of. However, the previous owner left before he finished the floor. I think he was planning on using ceramic tile since he has most of the baseboard done in ceramic tile. He used 4"x6" tiles off set with a few 4" square tiles in a different color. There is only about 1/4" between the basement floor and the tile base boards. I don't mind a tile floor...but i wanted carpet. I tried to remove the tile baseboard but that resulted in tearing the heck out of the drywall to which it was attached. So i decided to leave the tile baseboard on there and still try to carpet. I am not sure if the 1/4" space is enough to get the carpet under. Also the baseboard is not grouted yet. I imagine i would need to grout it before the carpet is laid. The baseboard tile is not bull nosed so i am not sure what to do about grouting the top or just between the tiles. sum up:
is 1/4" enough room to get carpet under?
if not, does anyone know how to get tiles off the drywall without ruining it?
also..what is the best technique for grouting baseboard tiles that are not bull nosed at the top?
I am new to any advice would be much appreciated. I want to get the basement done before the holidays so all the kids can go down in the basement and play.
Thanks for your help.

Bud Cline 11-03-2008 11:16 AM

THAT type of ceramic base tile is not intended to be used in that fashion. It is made two ways. What you have is intended to be joined with more tile above the base tile. The other would have a softer rounded bullnose on top. At this two-minutes I would waste the existing tile and be done with that crap. Typically 1/4" gap is not enough to tuck carpet if carpet-cushion is used.

I would use a 3-4 inch rigid putty knife and a hammer to beat and pry the tile from the top. This will result in some damage to the wallboard but that shouldn't be a major problem. The wallboard repairs can be made using wallboard joint compound.

The correct putty knife comes two ways also. One is a flexing blade and the other is a rigid blade, you want the rigid blade. Also pay particular attention to the construction of the putty knife. Some are a basic plastic handle and that won't last if you are pounding on it with a hammer. The other type has a metal spline (backbone) running through the handle, that's the one you want to use.:)

bpak04 11-03-2008 12:28 PM

Thanks for the advice Bud. I will try using the putty knife to remove it. I don't like the way it looks anyway so I like that advice. I did try to remove some with just a hammer and a screwdriver...which resulted in a mess, a huge chunk of wall board ripped out and an unhappy wife :furious:. I know i can repair that but will have to be more carefull removing the rest. Hopefully the putty knife will help. I have about 100 linear ft to deal with. Oh well, I'm sure the last owner had a vision...but it's not what i want:wink:.
Thanks again.

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