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flysndoc 01-18-2007 01:43 PM

Thoughts on Pergo Select and Wilsonat Estate
My husband wants to install a laminate floor himself :mad: I've narrowed down my choice to either Pergo Select or Wilsonart Estate. Both seem like great products but I have some questions.

We are installing it over a very ugly 1969 fake parquet (sp?) tile. We had it tested and it is 15% asbestos --- so it stays. The stuff has broken up in a few places but is only 2-3 mm thick --- is that a problem?

The area is a combined dining/living room and hallway down to the bedrooms. Spills of chocolate milk at the table are regular occurence -- we have a 3 and 4 year old! Which one would provide better moisture resistance?

Also, I like the Wilsonart tap-n-lock joint. Seems like a tighter,more stable joint and it appears easier to install under door jams, etc. Is that correct?

This is a high traffic area so toughness is important.

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!!!

flysndoc 01-23-2007 03:23 PM

Drat no replies!! So I'll answer myself. I'm leaning toward Wilsonart Estate Plus at the moment. I've been conducting my own torture tests at home on the samples. Sitting in a chair and scraping the legs across the laminate --- also repeatedly pushing a 28oz can of tomatoes off the table onto the samples. Amazingly, they've held up to the scratch and dent tests. Pergo select-- perfect, Wilsonart estate plus - perfect, Wilsonart Classic -- no dents, barely scratched.

In fact, the Wilsonart Classic held up so well I was beginning to think why bother paying extra for the premium product. But then, my 3-year old peed her pants, and I remembered why I need the extra moisture resistance:)

I like the Wilsonart tap'n'lock joint. Seems tighter, more stable then the hinge type joint of the Pergo. Also, you can't even feel the joint when you run your hand across, but the Pergo you can feet it slightly and the samples move slightly as you handle them. Just doesn't seem as secure.

I think the hinge type joints might be a major pain getting under door frames/jams. We have 4 doors and 2 closets , so installation ease is a big issue. Am I missing something??

Any thoughts/experiences would be appreciated!!

billinak 01-23-2007 03:42 PM

I installed Pergo about a year ago and it has held up fine. I used a fine-tooth saw to cut the door mouldings to slide the Pergo underneath and that seemed to work pretty well. Regarding the asbestos tile, installing the flooring on top is not a problem, but neither is removing it.

flysndoc 01-23-2007 05:53 PM

I know alot of people in our neighborhood scraped the stuff out themselves . Is it okay since it's not the fibrous type of asbestos??

My husband is squeamish about doing it himself, and certainly wouldn't hire anyone to do it. I know the flooring dealer near us won't touch the stuff -- says you have to hire an abatement company.????

Floorwizard 01-23-2007 10:19 PM

other than Alloc Domestic, these are the best brands you can get in the industry.

your lookin at good stuff there.

billinak 01-24-2007 12:13 PM

Yes it's OK to take it out. This is not fibrous asbestos, and you would pretty much have to grind it into a powder while inhaling it for it to pose a risk to you or your family. If it makes you feel better, get a respirator, I have one and I use it all the time for sanding and other dusty jobs. My house was built in 1952 and the asbestos floor tiles popped up with little or no effort. I had the whole floor done in an hour or so. You will not be able to hire someone to do this because they are bound by OSHA regulations which govern the removal and abatement of any asbestos-containing material, whether it is fibrous or not. As long as you're not grinding, smashing, or otherwise destroying the tiles, there is little risk to removing them. It would be unprofessional for a professional contractor to recommend doing this, but since I'm not a professional contractor, and because I have some experience with asbestos-containing materials, I feel OK saying this. If you are still wary, leave them in place, put your flooring over it, and forget about them.

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