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amakarevic 06-10-2011 03:11 PM

thinset between tiles in grout space
i just completed my first ever tiling job. small mistakes and lessons learned, particularly that it is critical NOT to have too much thinset but just the right amount. i used 2" mosaic tiles

my question is what to do with the excess hardened thinset in between the tiles where grout is supposed to go. i understand that if i had used just the right amount of thinset in the first place, the thing wouldn't have spilled up into those spaces. wondering if i can do anything now to fix it.

oh, and i first tried cutting them dry with a 4.5" grinder and a diamond blade, that didn't go to well so i bought a mini MK wet saw which works perfectly.

woodman58 06-10-2011 04:02 PM

There are many tools to use to remove grout from in between tile. I use a painter's 5in1 tool. You can purchase a grout rake with a hook on it at the box stores in the flooring department. It will be a job if there is a lot but, it should do the job.

JazMan 06-10-2011 04:29 PM

Utility knife held at a slight angle. It's best to cut the thin set not scrape it. As long as this is not a shower floor with a surface membrane, you're good.

This happens to me too, don't feel too bad. One reason we have to charge more for mosaics.


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