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MasonS 12-12-2011 03:08 PM

Suggestions for engineered wood to use in basement?
Hi. We are in the process of finishing our basement. We had some moisture problems in the past, but have had those corrected (and hurricane tested), before the buildout. Being a weenie, I also had french drains put in, clad the concrete slab walls with 1.5" XPS (nailed, glued and taped) then had OVRX subfloor installed (love it, btw - rock steady, quiet and warm) with metal stud framing built on top of the subfloor. The metal studs are filled with R-15 Roxul. So moisture problems are very unlikely.

My wife would like a wood floor in her photo studio, which is ~500 square feet, and since we are below grade that means engineered or laminate. It won't be a high traffic area, but I still want a durable hard wood. Also, I just don't dig laminates conceptually (my preference only, I don't want to defend it or diss laminates).

I bought Roberts Super Felt underlayment to use under the wood floor, and although floating is an option, since we can nail into the OVRX, I think I'd like to go that route as I believe it will feel and sound more solid.

Have been to HD and we both liked the Tarkett Genesis Birch Bordeaux, but that was before I decided to go for nailing it in (the Tarkett is a click lock engineered). I'm hoping to keep the materials cost under $5 / square ft.

Any other brands / retailers / etc we should consider? The Tarkett is 3/8" thick, five-ply click lock. Would 1/2" or 9/16" make any noticeable difference when nailing the floor down? Also, is installation much more difficult and/or expensive doing nail down vs. click lock?


MasonS 12-13-2011 09:19 AM

hmmm. To much detail? ;-) How about:

"Suggestions for engineered wood products (high quality vs. ones to avoid) for use in below grade basement."

MasonS 12-14-2011 08:59 AM

ok then. i guess i will try another forum.

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