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Subfloor Replacement - Outdoor Shed

Hey guys -
Its been a long time since I posted here but I still come back and troll you guys every once in awhile. Thanks to all the great expert advice here I have been doing many a DIY project at the house lately.

The latest involved an outdoor shed. A bit of history - the owner previous to the prior owner (who was the original owner as the home is only 12 years old) had this outdoor shed put up in the backyard. Its about 10x14 and he had plans for it though I'm not sure what they were. He even buried (in PVC conduit) wire from the shed all the way around the yard back to the main panel for the house though never hooked it up.

Well the first thing I did was connect a panel out there and run a 50 amp circuit out to it. I've since used that to connect a small lighting and plug circuit on a 20 amp breaker and also an outdoor, post-lantern light circuit with four lights to light our inordinately large and formerly dark backyard.

Anyway - I've got designs to turn the shed either into a small shop or a office. I've got several challenges but I'll limit the remainder of this post to the subfloor.

The subfloor is in bad shape and will need to be replaced. It bows and sags and is in clear need of replacement. Now I know that I've got to use a goats foot and get the nails out of the boards and tear them out but my question is about under the 2x4's around the exterior wall.

Should I be concerned with trying to tear that stuff out too or should I just cut as close to the 2x4 as possible and leave the rest there? I've seen it done both ways and was just curious what your collective expertise recommended.

Anyway -thanks in advance!


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No need to remove what's under the walls.
#1, Why did it fail?
Most common causes would be under sized joist.
To close to the ground.
Subfloor to thin.
No support beam in the middle.
You can cut the subflooring out tight to the bottom plates with a Toe Kick saw and an oscillating saw or sawsall with a short wide blade for the outside corners.
Not going to do any good installing new subflooring over undersized joist.


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I'd say the problems are a couple - first I have no idea the size of the joists as there isn't any nominal amount of crawl space. I'd be hard pressed to know if they are undersized till I get the subfloor up.

I think the reasons are a few:
- Age (12 years)
- Exposure to moisture from underneath
- Perhaps too thin
- There was no covering on top which meant that anything that was stored in the shed was on the subfloor directly. Lawn equipment, spills - everything.

I'm thinking once I get the subfloor off I'll know more but I'm glad I dont have to cut under the 2x4's!
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