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DIYer2009 04-09-2009 04:03 PM

Streaks of discoloration on newly stained floor... HELP!
Redoing the master bedroom - wood flooring question.

Pulled the carpet, sanded the floors very well. They are oak. We stained them red mahogany. However, after I sanded the floor, I vaccumed and then took a damp towel to the floor to get up any loose dust. Thats when I first noticed the streaks but they were faint. Waited about 5 or 6 days and then stained the floor. The streaks came through the stain!!! Just to clarify - these are NOT stain marks. The streaks seem to shine in the light which makes them very noticable.
My question is, is there any way to get rid of these streaks? Tried putting more stain in these areas but it didnt work. Have NOT put the poly coat on yet - will it go away if I do??
I gotta know something soon! If I can't get it out or blend it in, then I'll be forced to put carpet down instead. :(
I can send pictures if that would help...

DangerMouse 04-09-2009 04:12 PM

shoot us some pics, yes.


DIYer2009 04-09-2009 06:59 PM


shoot us some pics, yes.

Please let me know what you think - would hate to sand this again though.

DangerMouse 04-10-2009 05:23 AM

did you sand AGAINST the grain? it sure looks that way.... if so, sanding again WITH the grain should fix it.
OR if you used a rented belt type sander, it stayed in one place too long too many times and 'guttered' the wood.
you may want to consider the carpeting if you do not want to tackle the sanding again. poly will do nothing to hide it.
bright side though, i don't think the damp towel hurt anything.....


DIYer2009 04-10-2009 10:07 AM

Actually, I sanded with the grain and that's what gets me! The floor looked perfect. When I went over the floor with the damp towel it was against the grain - just like in the pictures. After I finished could tell where towel had been and the "streaks" it missed. These look to be the same streaks. I guess no matter what, I'd still have to sand it though...:mad:

DangerMouse 04-10-2009 10:17 AM

what did you use to sand it with?


DIYer2009 04-10-2009 10:51 AM

first, i rented an orbital sander from Lowe's - 36, 50, & 80 grit. Then I took my palm sander - being careful to go with the grain - and used 100 & 220 grit. I'm starting the think that perhaps I had it so smooth that when the towel went over it, it might have actually scuffed it? I don't know...

DangerMouse 04-10-2009 01:24 PM

i seriously doubt it... but try this, find a razor straight edge and lay it across the affected areas to see if they're concave at all. light will show under if. perhaps they were there all along from the previous owner doing the sanding wrong and you did not notice until AFTER you cleaned it up. still looks like groovin' to me.... maybe you can try a test area with a fine grit belt sander and see if they come out......


What have I done 04-10-2009 01:55 PM

like the mouse said they look like chatter marks from a drum sander. Maybe they were sanded before? Drumsanders are murder on floors in the hands of the wrong people. I would sand it again, mark the affected areas well and hit them with a belt sander, fethering the effected area out several inches before and beyond the "Streak" go back over the whole floor with the orbital sander. you shouldnt need to use the 36 and probably not the 50 grit. Go over it well with the 80 grit. It's unfortunate that is the finist paper that they carry for the orbital. But it is good enough. stain the floor and apply the 1st coat of poly. Between coats fine sand to make the floor nice and smooth.

I use a squar-buff orbital sander that takes 12x18 sandining screens. again none of them are fine enough. I use carpet tape and attach 400 grit sandpaper between coats of poly. My recent project can be seen here.


since this is the bedroom. keep in mind the majority of the floor will be covered with BED dresserss etc. concentrate on the main exposed areas and keep the rest a secret

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