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dzobrist 12-05-2011 11:50 AM

Staining Twice?
I refinished a set of hardwood floors before and I used a clear sealer and water based poly. It turned out pretty good.

Now I'm taking up a notch. I'm doing another set of hardwood floors. I want to stain and use oil based poly. I read the directions on the minwax stain (red mahogany) and it says I can apply the stain a second time after 6 hours of drying to get it darker. I did a sample portion of the stain on a small part of the floor so I know what the first coat looks like. Here's my questions: 1) Do I need to screen between the stain coats 2) Is this a good idea I heard that if I put too much sealer down the poly won't adhere 3) Can I wait longer that 6 hours like 2-3 days before applying another stain 4) What can I do to make sure the poly adheres well 5) After the first stain coat dries do I need to tack cloth the floors again 6) Do I need to sand off the sample stain test before applying the first coat.

Thanks guys and gals for all the help. This forum has really helped!

Msradell 12-06-2011 05:25 PM

1. Not necessary
2. It won't cause a problem for adhesion
3. You could wait longer but the floor may not take the second coat as well
4. This shouldn't be a problem
5. Probably not a bad idea but not required
6. Definitely or else the area will remain darker

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