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Alcarte 02-01-2011 10:04 PM

Staining Hardwood
I Just recently purchase a property with hardwoods it looks to be that the floor never received any type of finish coat, has some visible small water stains. I've never refinished a hardwood floor so I need of a little guidance also the area is the hallway and staircase area so It work need to dry quick

Floor Doc 02-01-2011 11:38 PM

Hire a Pro , Takes years to become good at refinishing . You don't want to be chewing up the wood , or leaving puddles of finish on the floor.

proremodel 02-02-2011 03:08 AM


Originally Posted by Floor Doc (Post 582928)
Hire a Pro , Takes years to become good at refinishing . You don't want to be chewing up the wood , or leaving puddles of finish on the floor.

To add to this- you need special sanders. Lots of time if your doing it by yourself. To do it right you need a belt sander and orbital sander (big machine) then a palm sander 3 different kinds of grit sand paper. Then once that is done you get to stain. That is a art in itself, if you don't put enough on or put to much on you ruin the finish then need to start all over.

woodman58 02-02-2011 06:59 AM

I think this is a DIY web site. It is not always easy to do things for the first time or afordable to pay someone else do the job. But, people have been doing it for years. The jobs they do may not look good to the professional but, they look good to the person doing it for themselves. It gives them pride and satisfaction.
There are many sites out there. Just google "how to sand and finish hardwood". There are 3 sanders you will need to rent. 1) Drum sander 2) square (rectangular) vibrating sander 3) edger. It sounds like the floor does not have much of a finish on it. You will need the following grit sand paper; 60, 80, and I like to use 100 grit for final sanding. If the floor is real rough or uneven start with 50 grit. When using these sanders the main thing to remember is do not turn them on or off unless they are moving. If they are sitting still they will gouge the floor. ALWAYS KEEP THEM IN MOTIONWHEN THE MOTOR IS RUNNING. Start with the largest grit first. This will be either 50 or 60. Then move up 1 grit at a time. Use all 3 machines for each grit before moving to the next grit.Order of use: Drum sander, edger, vibrating sander.
When you are thru with the last grit. If your not sure you got all of the drum and edger marks out. You can tack a damp cloth and run around the edges. This will raise the grain and darken the wood and show you where you need to sand some more. (I don't do this step on floors. But for the novice it will help and show the flaws before it's to late. I do woodworking for a hobby and this works well before I put mu finish on.) You will have to use the vibrating sander again after it dries to take out the raised grain.
After each coat of poly dries you will need to screen (sand) with 120 grit. Use the vibrating sander for this and move it quickly. All you want to do is rough up the finish between coats. Put 2 or 3 coats on.

Read the How to's and watch some vidios for a bit to make sure this is something you want to tackle.

P.S. For the corners you will need a paint scape to get where the sanders won't. You can also buy a detail palm sander ($20 at box stores) with a point on it to get the corners. Use the same grits as above.

FlooringDude 02-02-2011 08:37 PM

I totally agree this is a DIY website...but hire a professional. This is a job you have to have knack for and experience is crucial for a good finished product. It's not like drywall where it's a cheap fix if you mess up. There are a lot of things that can go wrong and without experience it's not feasible to troubleshoot correctly. If you are interested in going ahead with trying this buy or get this book from the library.

it's by far the most complete book on the subject I've seen. I got it for Christmas and love it. Sorry to plug a product / book but there is very little information on this subject. If you look at this book and feel it's in your abilities and you can achieve the desired results I'd say go for it.

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