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MrsRRP123 06-15-2012 11:16 PM

Staining ceramic floor tile
I have probably the original ceramic floor tile, 1995. It's not that the tile looks bad but the grout does. I had it professionally cleaned last yr (arm & a leg). So since my tile is not smooth, I would like to stain it and seal it. I'm thinking, if I stain it, the darker color will go in to the divits and grout and then I could seal it. Otherwise, the way it is, the divits collect the dirt and the grout is really dark in the heavy traffic areas and lighter in the low traffic areas. So, can I use a stain on the tile and grout? Wipe off the extra, hoping the grout will absorb the stain and the divits in the tile will 'puddle' and once dried, look good and be able to seal. So....can I do this? Can I use a regular wood stain? Any special products needed? Any help is greatly appreciated! Lind

Bonzai 06-16-2012 01:07 AM

Grout needs to be sealed so that it does not discolour or let water penetrate. Did the person who cleaned it also reseal it afterwards? If the grout is 17 yrs old then it should have been resealed a few times already.

You cannot stain glazed ceramic tile as it is non-porous. With pitted older style tiles they just need to be cleaned regularly. You could apply an epoxy flooring product over the whole floor but that may be a bit too industrial looking depending on the style of house.

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