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macgraffix 12-11-2010 01:31 PM

Squeaky laminate floor on top of leveled wood subfloor
Can I fix a squeaky laminate floor on leveling compound from underneath? My wood subfloor was leveled (badly by a contractor!). I've got nasty squeaks from my laminate floating floor all over the place. I have access to most of the area from my basement. Can I cut away from below and shim? My question is will I have to cut or chip through the hard leveling compound to get to the laminate? Or is there a a spray foam or some kind of product I can drill holes and inject it in to fill the air spaces that are causing the bounce and squeaking!!???? It has been driving me nuts for 2 years - contractor and retailer took a walk on this, I have no recourse but to sue, which I have neither the time or cash to do so.

KCB 12-12-2010 08:09 AM

Now why would you want to cut your subfloor?
Why wont they try to fix it?.Your best bet is to take up the floor and repair it.Was the contractor affiliated with the flooring company?What type of laminate is it ? Is it of a high or low quality?

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