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Spectra Lock--World's most expensive grout?

at the risk of starting another " why i hate the Big Box" thread, i thought i'd pass along something that happened to me today, so it doesn't happen to you. ( VERY long, and VERY boring story to follow)

tiled a small 5x7 powder room on sunday, today i decided to grout, but realized I forgot to buy it ahead of time. Wanted to use some ready mix, no sealer required stuff, since i don't mind spending a little extra for convienence in such a small space

Went to Depot today, and (as usual) they are out of it in the color I want , gray, in the gallon size ( $19.99) and for some reason, carry the quarts ($7.something) in every color EXCEPT gray. there's a Lowes 2 miles away, so I hop in the car and head there.

At my Lowe's they don't carry the premix at all, but they do have a product that is no sealer needed, and not wanting to drive around all day, I decide to settle. The stuff they sell is Spectra Lock, and you buy a half gallon pail that contains parts A & B, for $19.99 then a container that looks like a paper milk quart, but contains the color additive, for another $ 3 and change. all in all more than 2x the price of Depot stuff, but I want to get back and wrap this job up.

Get home, open the pail to find it really only contains 2 envolopes about the size of instant oatmeal packets, ( this was part A + B) a sponge, and a cheap pair of Dr's office gloves. ( I thought the pail seemed pretty light)

turns out for that this stuff actually costs $24 a QUART , and you still have to mix it. since I don't want to risk mixing colors/brands or pull the freshly installed grout out, looks like I am heading back for another container ( or maybe even 2)

with the size of my bathroom I will end up spending almost as much on the GROUT as I did on the tile.

My fault for assuming and not taking the time to read the package, no doubt, and maybe this is the greatest grout on the market, but just thought I'd give you guys a heads-up


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Spectralock is expensive, but you get what you pay for. You bought an epoxy based grout that will be virtually impervious to staining. Normal grout is much cheaper but you'll spend a lot of time and money on sealing it every few years if you don't want it to stain.


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Spectralock is good but it aint that good, it can also give a good burn to your skin.
If you have sensitive skin dont use it.

I never trust the premix products they never fully gain of good PSI strength.

The thing about the premix; is if it is to easy it will fail.
To many variables with floors and tile, too many things can go wrong.
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