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chrisNJ1 11-24-2012 01:35 PM

Sound deadening underlayment or concrete board or both?
I just moved from the second floor of my two family home to my first floor.
We haven't got a tenant yet and I am going to put some prefinished bamboo flooring in the dining room and hallway and some carpet in a bedroom above my bedroom.

I want this to be as quiet as possible and yes, I know carpet everywhere will be the best, but I want wood in the common area.

LumberLiquidators wants fo sell me some bellawood underlayment they claim reduces noise by 70%.
From what I read I need mass.... concrete board.

Will concrete baord be better than the roll down underlayment?

There is old pine floors with many gaps there now.

DannyT 11-24-2012 02:54 PM

i would read a few pages of reviews about lumber liquidators first.

chrisNJ1 11-24-2012 03:19 PM

I have read some reviews, but I didn't see any amazing reviews. I dont really place much stock in the reviews unless they are overwealmingly positive. Like this vinyl floor I bought that had 4.5 stars avereaged out of 150 reviews. reviews were almost all 5 stars out of 18 reviews.

Has anyone done the cement board here??

Fix'n it 11-25-2012 11:20 AM

i don't see cement board killing much of the foot traffic noise, nor subwoofer noise. but other noises, yeah, probably somewhat.
what you need it dampening = carpet.

i used to live in a cement condo. it had flexicore with cement over it. hard shoe traffic could be heard in the hard flooring areas. in the carpeted areas, not so much.

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