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Seattle_Chris 05-16-2008 11:07 PM

Solid strand woven bamboo in a basement?
Greets all. New to the forum, glad to have found it.

Now I know solid hardwood is bad in basements because of moisture and the wood resizing. I've heard bamboo is bad too, but not QUITE as bad. But now I've been reading up on Strand Woven Bamboo which is made differently than normal bamboo flooring, and is supposed to be more moisture resistant and dimensionally stable.

But is it stable enough for a basement? The house was made in 1958 I believe and it has asbestos tiles on most of the floor which I'm planning on just going over the top of. It never floods as we're on a hillside, and the rubber mat, and taped down plastic methods of testing the floor for moisture doesn't reveal any moisture at all. And yes, I tested on bare concrete, as their are areas without the tiling (utility room, garage, bathroom, etc)

I've read about laying a plywood sub floor to nail into, but assuming strand woven bamboo is appropriate for the basement, should the sub flooring be needed, or would gluing down to the asbestos tiles be good enough?

BTW, we're converting the basement to a full time living space. Similar to a mother in law, but more expansive. It's always been a fairly finished basement. Just no too pretty. :)

Thanks much for any ideas/opinions.

poppameth 05-17-2008 11:01 AM

It would be better than regular bamboo but still not the best for this since it's a solid product. You need to ask the manufacturer what they spec for it. Personally I'd recommend a floating floor. Kahrs for example makes several varieties of hardwood on a plywood backing that clicks together like laminate. This product has a vapor barrier pad that goes under it, and does not attach to the floor so subfloor is not needed. It is also approved for below grade installation. Bamboo is available in a similar design. This would be the better way to go by far than trying to put down subfloor or glue down planks.

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