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SnapStone vs regular tile

Does anyone out there know anything about SnapStone? I need to install a tile floor in a small bedroom at the beach. I need the easiest install possible. I have been told that installing regular tile on a second story wood floor is very difficult and time consuming. I'm tired of recarpeting because renters don't care.


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I'm sorry I haven't been able to help you with information about SnapStone. And I am certainly not trying to follow you around this forum replying to your questions (on purpose). I would have left this thread alone except for your comment on ceramic tiling being very difficult. As I have previously stated, it CAN be done by a DIYer.

Since you have a room with a wood subfloor, here's what you could do.
With a single trip to Home Depot you can get everything you need to tile. Since it's a rental unit, you should be able to find suitable floor tile for under $1.50 sq ft. It wouldn't get you in any designer magazines, but it will work. I'd suggest something in a lighter color to hide the obvious dirt/sand from the beach. Rent a wet saw (approx $50 per day). Home Depot carries a product called Ditra by Schluter. It comes in rolls and is orange in color. Grab the appropriate amount of thinset...unmodified and then modified (stay tuned why). Also pick yourself up a trowel or two and a grout float. Get a darker color grout and some sponges and buckets.

You need to make sure the subfloor is prepped properly no matter what flooring you use. Make sure it's clean and any squeaky areas are screwed down. Now you'd use the Ditra directly over the plywood. This is when you'd use the MODIFIED thinset. Cut the Ditra rolls to fit each row before you start. Now trowel out your thinset for each row and use your grout float to press the Ditra into the thinset. Do this for each row, backing yourself out of the room as you go. As soon as the Ditra's down, you can start tiling. It's best to spend some time laying out your tile before you start so you can have a layout that will have as few cuts as possible. You'd rather have cut tiles against walls instead of door openings. Now you'd use the UNMODIFIED thinset to lay your tiles. Maybe have a helper so one person can cut tiles on the wet saw while the other is troweling the thinset and placing the tiles down. If you start early, you can have this room (especially if it's a square room...or close to square) done by the end of the day. Wait a day and then grout. The grout process should take the better part of a day if you take your time. 3 days max and now you have a solution to your problem. Using the Ditra will ensure a quality, long-term installation and an overall solution to your situation.
Again, I apologize for butting in to your thread but I wanted to address the myth about ceramic tile installation. If you went to the store today to buy tile, your room could be done by Thursday. You may not even had a single informative reply about SnapStone by then.
Either way, I wish you luck and will leave you alone now!


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All I know about soapstone is, first, it is non porous, so it won't stain and doesn't require any sealers.

Second, it is easy to work with carbide tools, so you can do the the entire installation yourself.
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Angus, Thank you. Any directions and suggestions are gratefully received.
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