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Steph 03-05-2009 07:43 AM

small bad spot on bathroom floor
What is it with bathroom floors? Both my rentals need attention in this area! One way worse than the other...

Ok so this one is just a small bad spot--the linoleum (sp?) has a small hole and it is soft right there in the corner by the bathtub. My husband and I are new diy'ers with little experience but a lot of will power!! He wants to ignore this spot for now because the other rental is going to be such a big bathroom job plus I think he is concerned that doing this now we may not get it done by the time someone wants to rent. But I on the other hand hate to put stuff off. But!!!! what if we TEMPORARILY siliconed the crap out of it and closed the hole? I can tell you tonight (after I go there today) just how big the soft spot is. The renters that are interested will be short term renters 6-7 mo. and we could do it when they leave.

From what I have read wouldn't we have to remove all the linoleum, take out the sink, toilet and then do the floor? Are there any times when you don't have to pull the sink and toilet?

Well thanks for any advice ........

Steph :jester:

DangerMouse 03-05-2009 08:03 AM

if it's 'soft' it's likely rotting the floor under the lino. if not too big or bad, go ahead and silicone the hole as a temp fix, but i'd get to it asap if i were you.


Steph 03-05-2009 02:55 PM

Yeah I am going to really check it out today...I'll post my findings...Thanks

fixrite 03-05-2009 03:16 PM

Weather you remove the old lino or go overtop ( depends on what you have and what you are going to install) you will still have to remove the old toilet. It is only two bolts on the floor and two on the tank, a new flange seal and your ready to re-install. Or you could install new low flush toilet if this one is not. Just a thought.


Steph 03-05-2009 09:43 PM

Ok so here come my questions...

First the floor: I checked out the soft spot...and now I found there are actually two spots. One on each end of the tub. The one by the back of the tub--opposite the faucett--is the one that the viynal is slit and it extends a bit under the doorway. (tried to post the picture but couldnt figure out what was meant by url for my pic?) How would I replace the floor under the edge of the door? Do I have to pull out the vanity or can I just cut the vynal around it and remove the toilet? ONce I have the floor exposed...well...then what? There is two layers right? Do I just set the saw blade so it only goes through one layer and just remove and replace a foot or so straight across in front of the tub? I certainly don't have to pull the whole floor off for just two spots, right?! When I have to deal with the door jam part, once I cut the area in front of the tub will that just slip out? do I sawsall under it? I know I can do this!!!

Now the tile in the tub...

There are just a few places that look like the grout have failed. Very small and nothing feels loose or looks bad there. Can I just use that grout getter outter tool i have and spot replace the grout an then seal all the grout? Also the sylicone is looking crappy so I will dig all that out and replace that. What do you guys think about those water catcher type things you put on the tub so the water doesn't go over the edge by the wall? Do they really work? or just come off in a month or so? I just don't want to have to do this floor thing every time someone moves out!

Thanks for your help and if I can figure out the picture thing I will send some befores and afters!


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