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djchrishart 12-12-2007 01:24 AM

Slate Flooring...Problems Encountered
Slate tiling...probably picked the hardest for my first tiling job! Help!!!!
About 1 week ago, we installed multi-colored 12x12 slate tiles in our kitchen that we picked up from Lowes. This past sunday, we decided to grout. Due to the tiles being a bit dirty from the tile saw, we decided not to seal the tiles before grouting thinking we'd seal in the dirt. So, onto grouting we went. After grouting the entire floor, we noticed the expected haze that is left on the floor from the grout. We let the floor set for 2 days and now are attempting to clean off the haze and once that's done, then seal the floor. Here are the issues that we're running into.
1. We can't really get all of the haze off to get the rich color of the tile that we originally had
2. Some of the colors from the tile are now bleeding into the grout, discoloring it.
Here's what we've tried to clean off the haze. We've bought a 'grout cleanup kit' from the local Lowes that consists of some nylon pads with different roughnesses to them and a handle to use with them. We've scrubbed the flooring with the most abrasive pad that comes in the kit, dry, and then vaccumed up the debris that gets left. It looked better, but still no where near what we had. Then we took a sponge and tried scrubbing/wiping the tile clean and I beleive this is were the color bleeding starts. Although I also notice that just scrubbing, dry, also fades the grout a bit with the haze residue.
What I am hoping someone can help me with is:
1. How to get the haze off and ultimately get my slate back to a beautiful rich color
2. How to clean some of the stained grout and get it back to its original color
All help is greatly apprecaited. This is my first time tiling and feel really good at what I've accomplished. These issues has just really put me down and takes away the excitement.

NateHanson 12-12-2007 11:13 AM

You've probably got grout in all the little pores and crevices in the slate. I'm not sure what else you can do besides what you're already doing (scrubbing the slate), but I'm not a pro, so maybe there's a trick. This is why it's important to seal natural stone before working the grout into it though. Any residue from the wetsaw could probably have been wiped off with a wet sponge/cloth, and then allowed to dry before sealing, and THEN grouting.

DIY if all about figuring stuff out though. We don't always figure it out as soon as we'd like, but we DO figure it out! Good luck, Nate

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