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kevin327 01-23-2012 10:11 AM

Similar to Jimbrian = Cutback adhesion
I've read through Jimbrian's postings about his asbestos work, and got a lot of good info from it. I have already removed my tiles and now am looking at how to handle the cutback. This is for my small bathroom 4' below grade on concrete floor, I live outside of Chicago.

I want to install radiant heating, and am wondering what order to layer everything. This is what I have come up with so far

1.) Wet-scrap cutback as much as possible.

2.) Skim-coat Ardex feather light to seal in and make bondable surface

3.) lay down and secure radiant heating matt to concrete floor.

4.) 1/2" modified thinset to enbed heating matt (Would like to use SLC but can not find reliable info on if SLC will correctly bond to skim coat of Ardex.)

5.) Cover this with Ditra

6.)Thinset and lay tile.

How does this look?

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