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tiki240 09-27-2009 10:32 PM

Silicone grout?
Hi all, my house is on a slab, and apparently not a level one (built in the 70's), i paid a family friend to come lay my 13 x 13 tiles for me in my kitchen ( about 130 sq ft), and it was a disaster. they didnt use enough tile adhesive, which left the floor even MORE uneven, and left me with cracking grout from flexing tiles. we've pulled and replaced all damaged tiles and made sure everything was as flex free as possible. however, these tiles till flex slightly and i dont want to put down grout again. my spacing is 1/16" and i was wondering if i could use a colored silicone in place of grout so that the tiles could flex and not worry about sealing issues. re-doing the entire floor is not an option as the tiles i purchased were end-of-production run tiles. thanks for any help.. :(

GetYourShineBox 09-28-2009 12:28 AM

you should use grout. sillicone can be messy and wont save you time. it can wear out and become dirty as well. you should use sillicone around wall edges to allow for expansion so the grout doesnt crack.

tiki240 09-28-2009 07:36 AM

im not really looking to save time at all, and the tiles are black so i was planning on a black or dark silicone. the only reason i want silicone is to allow the tiles to flex without the issue of grout cracking. its not just where the floor transitions or at the wall that the tiles flex. the tiles lie directly on the cement foundation beneath (with adhesive of course) and for a house this old and the time im planning on living here (3 yrs max) i was looking for a solution that solves the issue at hand. if i was planning on living here for more time, id probably save and pull up all the tiles then get the sub floor level either with board or self leveling cement.

Bud Cline 09-28-2009 01:05 PM

NOT GONNA HAPPEN! You are wasting your time. The flexing tiles are do to something other than the adhesive unless you didn't use the correct adhesive to begin with. What type of adhesive did you use? The next thing will be the tiles coming loose and silicone grout isn't going to prevent that.:)

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