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DavidReid1985 10-06-2012 12:03 AM

Should We Frame Flooring Joists?

I hope somebody can help. I currently have a builder in replacing our old wooden garage with a brick extension on the side of our house. All is well, walls are up, roof on etc. BCO is happy enough.

Now we are at the stage of laying the flooring joists. A 6inch breeze block wall has been constructed around the room (and down the middle) to support the weight of the joists. The builder is suggesting that the flooring joists simply sit on top of this without being bolted down, using the actual floor panels to hold them in place.

From my limited experience, I expected there to be a wooden 'frame' fixed around the walls of the room and the joists to be secured to this.

Can anybody tell me whether the frame is necessary? If not, is it acceptable to simple rely on the weight of the floor to hold joists in place? To me, it sounds like I'd end up with a very creaky floor!


joecaption 10-06-2012 04:10 AM

No clue what a breeze block wall is.
A picture sure would be nice.
There needs to be foundation bolts, a mud sill, (also called a foundation plate) out of pressure treated wood, rim joist then the floor joist with joist hangers.
Your local building dept. can tell you how many, the length and the placement of the foundation bolts.
I can not think of any reason to just count on the weight of the lumber to hold it in place.

If it was mine I also would have the new foundation pretreated for termites, and lay down a 6 mil. vaper on the ground held in place with 16" insulation hangers bent in half.
They did install foundation vents, right?
A pretreatment means they can just spray the termicide down inside the blocks and into the trench on the inside of the wall. Far cheaper then having to do it later with the floor in place, and no drilling needed.

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