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mmhendrie 09-01-2010 06:59 PM

self leveling compound
Guys - I have a concrete slab foundation that I'm looking to put carpet on. The slab is not level, and has slight dips in it, and the odd small wear-hole here and there. I was thinking of applying a self leveling compound over it to bring it up to snuff.

I've not used a self leveling compound befpre and am wondering how tough that stuff is. Obviously, it'll be a pretty thin coat - but if I put it on, will it fall apart when I have my carpet installed (i'm thinking specifically about when the tac-boards are nailed into it around the edges).

Any advice greatly appreciated!

JazMan 09-01-2010 07:39 PM

You might be better off using a floor patch and not a self leveler. You'll have to determine what the level heights are at all points and walls. Remember the materials will seek its own level and so in many cases it is not advisable or even possible to use without causing other problems.

The size of the areas also plays in the decision. Also basements have floor drains which can not just be filled in.

SLC's can be a challenge to work with and they are pretty expensive. First off they do not really level themselves. They need to be coaxed a bit. They set up pretty fast, so you need to be ready to go and work fast. Also buy more material than you think you'll need, cuz stopping is not a good thing. Get help.


Mark Harvey 09-01-2010 07:39 PM

I have used the compound before and it works well. Just remember it is an add on to the existing floor. Make sure the floor is clean and follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter. If you are going to nail, this shouldn'ty be an issue because the nails should penetrate the compound as well as the permenant floor. Good luck.

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