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gabbie14 09-20-2007 05:24 PM

sealing tile
Our builder's tile guy who did our shower and bathroom floors in ceramic tile stated that sealing grout was "extra" and not usually done as part of installation unless paying "extra". I know this is absolute nonsense, but how do I convince my builder of that? Thanks for help w/a good argument!

JazMan 09-20-2007 07:15 PM

Sorry Gabbie but you are wrong. Sealing is NOT part of the installation unless it's a natural stone tile that requires it as part of the grouting process. Even then the customer would have to pay extra for the final application if he didn't want to do that themselves. There is no pricing schedule that includes sealing. I wish there was, that way we would all do it and get paid for it too.

That said, it is possible to find some tile setters that may automatically include sealing in their price, but it is not the norm and you're paying for it too.:no:

Bottom line, most homeowners like yourself would probably not be willing to pay a tile setter $60-80 per hour or .50 per ft. to do something as simply as sealing tiles or grout. Makes no sense. Many however would like to get it for free after the installation price was quoted.


gabbie14 09-20-2007 07:21 PM

Hi Jazman, and thanks so much for replying. In my haste to post, I really did not make myself clear. I really meant the shower walls more than the floor. Actually, when the tile guy came to make a repair he told me he did seal the shower walls. However, the grout in the shower is now turning dark from water absorption rather than beading up and rolling off. How do I know if the absorption has gone so deep that the grout needs to be replaced and then sealed properly? Is it safe to let it dry out a week or two w/out using it and then sealing it as it is? My only concern with that is the color change, which is on most, but not all, of the grouted walls. Thanks again for any help you can give.

JazMan 09-20-2007 08:12 PM

Sealer does not make grout waterproof. All it does is allow liquids to penetrate more slowly giving you more time to wipe the surface clean before it goes into the grout.

If your grout color changes drastically when wet, it may be a characteristic of that color grout? Is it a beige or pastel? Some colors are a big problem. If some of the areas stay dark even after wiped dry, I would say that the substrate has gotten damp due to type of tiles used, type of adhesive and/or the type of surface the tiles are bonded to. Can you answer those questions with specific brands and methods.


gabbie14 09-20-2007 08:51 PM

I don't know but I will find out. It will take a day or so, if you don't mind checking back. I really appreciate your input.

zel 09-21-2007 04:48 PM

Not trying to hijack, but how often should natural tile be resealed and how necessary is it to seal at all, if it is not in an extremely wet area? Thanks.

JazMan 09-21-2007 11:51 PM


You're forgiven....this time. :) It's impossible to say how often something should be resealed. All depends on the stone, quality of the sealer and of course use and maintenance. Kinda like waxing your cars. Sealing isn't necessarily about wet. Dry dirt gets into the pores of the stone and of course the grout.


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